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Everyday there are legal issues in the news. We try to get you the latest information about legal issues in the news and help clear up the confusion.
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Will Hands-Free Texting Solve Distracted Driving Problems?


In hopes of decreasing distracted driving, California made the decision to allow hands-free texting in 2012. However, a study by the American Automobile … Read More »

Category: Blog, General, I was in a car wreck, Wrongful death

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Michael Jordan Called “Greedy” by Judge during Lawsuit

Although most of Michael Jordan’s publicity is positive, he has recently created a new low-point in the public eye, especially in the eye of one … Read More »

Category: Blog, Frivolous Lawsuits, General

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Bad McChicken Destroys Gospel Singers Voice

McDonald’s is in the news yet again for another lawsuit. This time involving the destruction of a woman’s singing voice. Gospel singer Jacqueline Simpson of … Read More »

Category: Blog, Frivolous Lawsuits

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Wanting to Fire an Employee because of Facebook Posts? Think Again.

As most of us know by now, social media or anything on the Internet isn’t really private. In fact, businesses spend a significant amount of … Read More »

Category: Blog, General

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Personal Information Released by Police after Woman Didn’t Pay for Using Bathroom

Most Wichita citizens have probably seen a public bathroom with signs noting that the facilities are for paying customers only. And more than likely, the … Read More »

Category: Blog, General

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Carnival Cruise Ship Sees First Lawsuits after Returning to Port

It didn’t take long after the disabled Carnival cruise ship finally docked for the first lawsuits to be filed. After being stuck for five days … Read More »

Category: Blog, General

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Five Dollar Sandwich Becomes a $5 Million Lawsuit


Subway became famous with their $5 footlong sandwiches. But according to two New Jersey men, the world’s biggest fast-food chain has been deceptive … Read More »

Category: Blog, General

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Family of NFL linebacker files wrongful death suit

After the tragic death of Junior Seau, his family has filed a wrongful death suit. His family’s claim states that the NFL is responsible for … Read More »

Category: Blog, Traumatic Brain Injury

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Cystic fibrosis patient dies after receiving smoker’s lungs in transplant

Jennifer Wederell was a young British woman that suffered from cystic fibrosis. After waiting for 18 months for a lung transplant, she was told there … Read More »

Category: Blog, I received bad medical care

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Employee fired after being deemed “irresistible” to employer

In a unanimous ruling by the State Supreme Court, an Iowa dentist was deemed within his rights to fire his longtime employee. The dentist claimed … Read More »

Category: Blog, Legal News of Interest

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