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Statistics show that a disability claimant who is represented by a lawyer is twice as likely to be approved as without an attorney.

Many people that file for Social Security Disability have their claim denied. When this happens, they have the option to file an appeal. Although not everyone needs to hire an attorney, doing so can save your case. Statistics show that a disability claimant who is represented by a lawyer is twice as likely to be approved as without an attorney.

If your claim has been denied, you may request a hearing in front of an administrative law judge. At this hearing, the judge will consider the evidence and medical records. Your testimony and the testimony of other witnesses can also be taken into account. At this point in the appeal objective medical evidence is the most important element of your case.

How an attorney can help win your claim

Denying your claim again can happen quickly if there are incomplete or inconsistent reports in your history. Because of this, the most vital service an attorney can offer you is gathering the proper medical records to give to the Court. You could do this yourself, but an attorney can obtain the records quicker and will know if your medical records need updating.

In addition, the attorney also knows how to look at the records in detail and which ones to submit to the SSA. While scrutinizing the documents, an attorney will also realize if the case needs more medical evidence and whether any key test results or documentation is absent.

Getting expert opinion

An attorney can get a written opinion by your doctor about your ability to work. In fact, a lawyer is more likely to get a quick response than you will if you chose to on your own. At this time, the attorney can also request additional medical or psychological exams if the evidence is lacking.

Preparing you for Court

Before appearing before the judge, your attorney will be able to familiarize you with the procedure of the hearing. This will help take away the fear and nervousness of getting before the Judge. An attorney will also know what questions the Judge may ask you and help you prepare your response. Being prepared will make it less likely that you might say something that unknowingly hurts your case.

Questioning the Vocational Expert

The SSA may hire Vocational Expert to testify and give his or her opinion about your ability to work. Your attorney will need to effectively cross-examine such a witness to show he is wrong about your condition. Being familiar with your case and knowing the details will help your attorney establish facts that the Vocational Expert overlooked. Without an attorney, it’s almost impossible for a claimant to successfully cross-examine a Vocational Expert.

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