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There are so many places to go for news and so many things going on in the world. But the news that impacts you is the news about important public safety matters. This news helps you to protect yourself and your family from dangerous products, places and people. From time to time we do provide information about recent settlements but we never talk about how much we got for our clients. Why is that? Because the amount we get is based on many factors. Ultimately if the client is happy with the result the amount does not matter to us because our job is to get the results our clients want.

Some lawyers talk about big results but they never tell you whether they ever collected on that million dollar default judgment or whether they got that million dollar settlement because the case was worth five million. We believe our results speak for themselves in the form of clients who are pleased with the end result as well as our professionalism in helping them through the process. Simply put, we get results so we don’t need to brag about them.

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Pilots Come Clean about Sleeping Behind Controls

Autopilot was the only thing controlling an Airbus A330 for an unknown amount of time after both pilots went to sleep behind the controls. Despite … Read More »

Category: General, News

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Bicyclist Found Guilty of Vehicular Manslaughter

It’s not uncommon to hear about a conviction for vehicular manslaughter, which occurs when a vehicle is a tool in a person’s death. It includes … Read More »

Category: News, Pedestrian / Cyclist Accidents

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Dangerous Used Tires Sold for Profit

Tire stores across the country have devised a plan to make the company profits. Unsuspecting car owners would purchase what they believed to be a … Read More »

Category: I was in a car wreck, News

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Bride-to-Be and Best Man Killed in Boating Under the Influence Accident

A celebration gone wrong has left groom-to-be Brian Bond without his bride or best man. Lindsay Stewart and Mark Lennon were both lost in the … Read More »

Category: General, News, Wrongful death

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Failure to Warn of Asbestos Leads to $35 Million Wrongful Death Suit

Asbestosis is a serious condition that workers in construction, shipyards and other occupations are at risk for if they are exposed to Asbestos. A form … Read More »

Category: News, Wrongful death

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Statute of Limitations Let This Man Walk Away Free

The 1968 hit-and-run that killed four-year-old Carolee Sadie Ashby has remained a mystery for 45 years. Now, with the help of Facebook, authorities now know … Read More »

Category: General, News, Pedestrian / Cyclist Accidents, Wrongful death

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Kansas City Man’s Electrocution Could be the Result of Negligence

When someone’s negligence leads to fatality, it’s more than just a tragedy…it’s the needless loss of life caused by a careless rule breaker. This may … Read More »

Category: News, Wrongful death

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Chrysler Refuses to Recall SUV’s with Fire-Prone Fuel Tanks

Recalls happen almost every day. A new drug on the market may be recalled for being harmful or malfunctioning equipment that can cause injury is … Read More »

Category: I was in a car wreck, News, Recalls

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Coffeyville Infant Loses Leg to Family Pet

A vicious pit bull attack led to a two-day-old infant losing a leg.

Baby Ariona had just arrived home with parents Sorena and Justin Frostad … Read More »

Category: I have been bitten by a dog, News

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Kansas Infrastructure Rated a C Minus


When Wichita citizens get in their car to head to work in the morning, most don’t think about how safe an overpass or … Read More »

Category: I was in a car wreck, News

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