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The Faces of Distracted Driving

Learn what happens when an innocent passenger pays the price for a distracted drivers irresponsibility.

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What happens when you take your eyes off the road for only a second?

Casey Feldman was the victim of distracted driving. It can happen to you too. Watch this video to see what happens when a negligent driver … Read More »

On the road – off the phone

This video shows why it’s important to stay off the phone while you’re on the road. To read more about distracted driving, click here.

For … Read More »

Is the pain all in my head?

If your doctor has told you that your whiplash should be healed, but you are still experiencing symptoms…you may begin to believe that the pain … Read More »

Wichita Injury Lawyer Ryan Hodge tells, “Why I Became a Lawyer”

Wichita, Kansas attorney Ryan Hodge introduces himself and explains his background and why he became a personal injury lawyer.

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