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Bad McChicken Destroys Gospel Singers Voice

McDonald’s is in the news yet again for another lawsuit. This time involving the destruction of a woman’s singing voice. Gospel singer Jacqueline Simpson of Brooklyn, New York, is suing the notorious fast food chain after eating a McChicken that had a piece of glass in it.

The incident that happened in 2010 supposedly led to Simpson losing her singing voice and making her sound like a man on the phone. The 52-year-old claims that her voice has changed significantly and now sounds “hoarse and rattly.”

Her job at the Attorney General’s office has also been affected. After answering the phone, people don’t believe that she is who she says she is because her voice sounds so manly.

McDonald’s hasn’t commented on the lawsuit, but the company is no stranger to lawsuits. Previous lawsuits that included coffee that was too hot and a lady of questionable profession claimed the restaurant pushed her in to the profession.

What does Wichita think?

Do you think the lawsuits against McDonald’s in the past have been frivolous? Is it possible that Simpson’s voice was actually altered or she trying to make easy money? Let us know in the comment box below!

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