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Carnival Cruise Ship Sees First Lawsuits after Returning to Port

It didn’t take long after the disabled Carnival cruise ship finally docked for the first lawsuits to be filed. After being stuck for five days on the ship, passengers finally arrived to port in Mobile, Alabama. A Houston woman was quick to file a claim for bodily injury incurred while on the ship.

Lisa Williams, 42, claimed to have suffered severe dehydration and bruising from aggressive food lines. After returning to Houston, Williams went to the ER and received intravenous fluids.

“She was deprived of the basic fundamental necessities of life, and certainly not what one would expect on a luxury cruise ship,” stated her attorney, Spencer Aronfeld.

In Williams lawsuit, it claims that Carnival failed to “inspect for and to observe and resolve the hazard present within the vessel that ultimately affected all passengers aboard, including the Plaintiff.”

The lawsuit also claims that Williams suffered severe and permanent injury due to being exposed to toxic and debilitating conditions.

However, this is isn’t the first lawsuit against Carnival, the first lawsuit was filed on Friday by Cassie Terry, of Brazoria County, Texas.

Do you believe the horrifying conditions that the passengers faced is worthy of a lawsuit? Or is it frivolous that someone would claim that they deserve compensation for bruising and dehydration? Although these are the only two claims so far, we can rest assured, they won’t be the last.

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