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Five Dollar Sandwich Becomes a $5 Million Lawsuit

Subway became famous with their $5 footlong sandwiches. But according to two New Jersey men, the world’s biggest fast-food chain has been deceptive in advertising a 12 inch sandwich, when it only measures up to 11.5 inches. That’s what brought on one of the most talked about lawsuits of the year.

It all started when a Subway customer from Australia took a picture of his footlong sandwich next to a ruler. It was posted to Facebook and went viral. Since then, Subway has been bombarded with criticism over false advertising.

The lawyer for the plaintiffs in the New Jersey suit, Stephen DeNittis, claims that it is a “deceptive practice for Subway to advertise its large sandwich as a ‘footlong.” DeNittis also went to 17 Subways and measured his sandwiches. Every one came up short of the advertised “footlong.”

Although many people may believe this falls under the category of “frivolous lawsuit,” it is shocking to add up the figures.

“When you add this up over time, that comes out to be anywhere between 45 to 60 cents a sandwich over the course of six years,” said DeNittis.

According to the suit, Subway should either make sure their sandwiches measure up to the full foot or stop advertising them as a footlong.

Some believe this is frivolous, while others think Subway should be held accountable for false advertising. What do you believe? Do you think two men from New Jersey should receive $5 million or more because they were shorted on a sandwich they paid $5 for? Or do you believe they aren’t entitled to it more than any other customer that has ever ordered a footlong?

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