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Has Campaign Funding Gone Out of Control?

In Citizen’s United the U.S. Supreme Court found that certain campaign restrictions were a violation of the constitution. This has opened the door to the new Super PAC’s. The effect of the Super PAC is being felt in the republican primaries. Consider that in States that did restrict campaign financing donations by individuals were about 48 percent of the political money. In States without restrictions the individual donations are running at 23%. The spending on the three republican primaries is expected to hit an unprecedented 20 million dollars.

The Super PAC, because it, is not supposed to be tied or connected to a candidate has no accountability for its ads. No matter how you feel about the Super PAC, we know that the Citizen’s United ruling will have two major effects on elections.

First, Campaigns will become much more expensive with lots of money coming from large corporations and cause organizations.

Second, the advertising will run little if any accountability as to the accuracy of the statements.

Third, Ultimately elections will become power plays between the elite and the wealthy vying to control the goverment by getting votes from the little people even more than before. The problem with this is that once elected a politician has no choice but to keep the Super PAC’s happy in order to secure funding for the next election. That means that a candidates constituency may well take a back seat in the new world of high powered money and politics.

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