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Have you been ticketed on East Kellogg?

For a long time the speed limit signs between Greenwich and Webb said 45 mph. However, the city’s records actually show the legal speed limit to be 55 mph. Over 560 tickets have been issued in that stretch of road over the last five years. One-third of those tickets were motorists that were driving less than 55 mph.

So are the motorists ticketed on this road entitled to getting their money back? Unfortunately, if their ticket has made it through the court system, they won’t receive reimbursement. On the other hand, motorists with pending citations can protest the ticket with the city prosecutor’s office and if the speed traveled is verified and below 55mph, it can be dismissed.

Credit for finding this discrepancy is due to Travis Cunningham, who decided to fight a ticket he received for going 59 mph in a 45 mph zone. His ticket has been dismissed.

Travis is to be congratulated as a champion of Consumers inWichita. Thanks Travis!!!

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