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Insurance Refuses to Pay for Mans Surgery Because of 26 Cents: Could it Happen to You?

Sergio Branco is a 33-year-old victim of acute myelogenous leukemia. Without treatment, Branco’s diagnoses would eventually become fatal. The bone-marrow transplant needed will cost Branco over $500,000, even with insurance.

His story isn’t that uncommon to hear about, but what is different is how his insurance is handling the situation. After finding a tiny loop-hole, Branco’s insurance is trying to cancel his coverage because of a 26 cent dispute. As if his situation isn’t bad enough, his employer laid Branco off after returning from federally guaranteed leave time, under the Family and Medical Leave Act.

The loop-hole the insurance company found involved Branco’s first insurance payment. Although he was supposed to pay $518.26 to CORBRA insurance, his wife accidentally only paid $518. Despite cashing the check, Branco was never notified of the payment mistake. He was informed mid-treatment that he was no longer covered by insurance. Even after offering to pay the different, 26 cents, the Branco’s were told that his former employer had instructed the company refuse further payments.

Branco’s doctor is fighting for his life and has written letters pleading for the insurance company to reinstate the couple’s insurance. In one letter, the physician noted that, “Branco will most certainly die in the very near future if he does not proceed to transplant; therefore I am writing to request that every effort be made to reinstate his health care insurance coverage.”

After months of feuding, COBRA has decided to give Branco insurance coverage again, but other families may now question the insurance company’s loyalty. Although this story may seem extreme, insurance companies look for any reason to not pay out. If your insurance company has denied your claim, consult your attorney to learn how you can fight big insurance companies.

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