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What could have been done to prevent this child from being killed by the family pet?

Authorities are still trying to piece together the events that happened last Friday in a South Carolina home. A two-month-old was dismembered and killed by a dog that was recently taken in by the family, while his father slept in the next room.

The mother of the child, Aiden McGrew, called 911 around 11 a.m. after she found the boys leg severed by the Labrador-retriever mix. Aiden McGrew died in the hospital shortly after.

Coroner Chris Nisbet released an autopsy on Monday that proclaimed “parental neglect” as the cause of death. Aiden’s death has been ruled a homicide. According to Nisbet, neglect is what led to the “animal eating,” and the death of Aiden.

While Aiden’s mother, Chantel, was taking her seven-year-old to an appointment, Quintin, Aiden’s father, was supposed to be watching him. Instead, he was napping in a different room when the dog attacked.

The two siblings of Aiden have been removed from the home by protective custody, as well as the removal of the two dogs belonging to the McGrew’s.

Although pets can be great part of your family, they can also be a danger without the proper supervision and understanding of the pet. Don’t let a tragedy like this happen to your family. For some quick tips on pet safety, read our Pet Safety With Children article.


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