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Moore v. Bank of America

On June 15th 2009, Lance Moore was working as a tech in a Bank of America building in Johnson County. Bank of America had hired a sub contractor to do cleaning and maintenance after hours. Because Moore was working on the computer systems, he was working after hours when the Bank of America operations were closed. Moore had been working in the back area of the building and began walking towards the lobby. As he walked through the doorway of the front section, he slipped on a wet substance and fell. The wet substance was the result of a trash bag that had been leaking and was left lying on the floor by the maintenance crew. The maintenance crew did not put up any warning signs or make an effort to advise Moore of the danger. When Moore hit the wet substance and fell, it ultimately resulted in significant injury to his knee ensuing in surgery and substantial time off work. After the lawsuit was filed, it was found that Bank of America, by contract, had agreed to advise the maintenance company whether other people would be in the building at the time when they were cleaning. Bank of America had failed to advise the maintenance company that there were other people, such as Moore, in the building. The defendants in this case initially were reasonable, resulting in a lawsuit being filed. The case went to mediation and was settled in a manner that was acceptable and favorable for Mr. Moore.

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