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When Emergency Responders Make Mistakes

After a serious wreck, people count on the emergency responders to come to the rescue. Usually one of the first on the scene, first responders … Read More »

Butt Injections End Fatal with Possibility for Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Butt injections are a new trend that many women are indulging in. However, the procedure can be risky. So risky in fact, a Mississippi man … Read More »

Birthing Injuries

New parents expect their lives to be dramatically changed with the birth of their new baby. However, they don’t expect it to be dramatically changed … Read More »

Online Legal Advice and How it Can Hurt You

When a question arises, most people go the same place to find an answer: the internet. A few clicks on your computer or pushing a … Read More »

When cosmetic surgery goes wrong, we can help.

With the popularity of elective, cosmetic plastic surgery on the rise, so is the number of plastic surgery medical malpractice cases. A surgery designed to … Read More »

Fetal distress can be the result of the wrong choice by a doctor.

A form of the naturally occurring hormone Oxytocin, Pitocin can be used to induce labor. When used carefully, it can help reduce fetal distress. But … Read More »

Going to the dentist is never fun, but when it causes unnecessary pain, you may have a medical malpractice case

Most people don’t get excited to go to the dentist. There is a pain association with the dentist office because of root canals, getting a … Read More »

If your doctor made a bad decision during delivery that has affected your baby, you may be entitled to damages

Things can go wrong in the delivery room. Some injuries can’t be avoided…others can. Sometimes, doctors choose the wrong delivery method for an infant, which … Read More »

Doctors in Wichita, Andover and Derby could be operating with impaired hands.

Substances such as narcotics and alcohol slow response time and hinder good judgment. This is exactly why you expect your doctor, nurse or other hospital … Read More »

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Tort Reform Release

The Truth About Defensive Medicine

Defensive medicine is the idea that a doctor will preform the unnecessary test or medical procedures in order to avoid being sued in a medical … Read More »

There Are Many Types Of Medical Malpractice: Know Before You Go

If a medical treatment provider causes a patient to suffer a disease or injury by his or her negligent actions or failures to act, that … Read More »

Kansas Women Suffer Serious Complications from the Vaginal Sling & Vaginal Mesh

The ProteGen sling is a synthetic polymer implant introduced in April of 1997 as a treatment for feminine urinary stress incontinence. Urologists implanted the sling … Read More »

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