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When Will Workers Comp Cover Your Injuries

When injured in the scope of employment, workers compensation is a system designed to help with the injuries, illness, and even death that occur from … Read More »

Understanding the Confusing Terms in Your Insurance Policy

Insurance policies are confusing. Knowing what to look for in the all the jargon is tiring for someone that doesn’t know what they’re looking for. … Read More »

To Accept or Not Accept the Insurance’s Settlement

If you have spent much time reading up on personal injuries and how insurance works, you are most likely aware of the insurance companies low-ball … Read More »

Three Ways to Collect After Being Denied

Being in a car wreck is a pain, but it’s even worse when you have to hassle with your insurance company over the claim. Then … Read More »

Skipping Insurance to Save Money? Better Think Twice

In this tough economy, people are always looking for a way to save money. Some ride the bus to work; others may cut back on … Read More »

Online Quotes and Why it’s Not Accurate

The internet is a common place to start when looking for insurance. However, if you’re planning on getting an online quote, the numbers they’re giving … Read More »

Is a Group Disability Policy a Good Idea?

Its better to find out about your long term disability policies before you are on long term disability. As an employee, it’s likely that you … Read More »

Seven Tips for Appealing Long Term Disability Denial

It doesn’t take much for the insurance company to deny your claim for long term disability. In fact, insurance is notorious for denying your claim … Read More »

How Insurance Adjusters will use your Facebook Account Against you after a Pratt or Garden City Automobile Accident

Social media has become a part of every day life for most Kansans. We use it to tell our friends about updates in our lives, … Read More »

What is C.L.U.E and What Does It Have to Do with Insurance?

By now, a lot of people know about Colossus, a computer program that determines by data what the insurance company should offer you for a … Read More »

How Do I Know if I Have Enough Car Insurance to Protect Myself When Driving in Wichita?

The average Wichita car owner doesn’t have a vast knowledge of car insurance. Most people just expect that if they have insurance, they will be … Read More »

The Pros and Cons of Accepting a Lump Sum Settlement


If you’ve been hurt on the job, you may have the option of accepting a lump sum settlement. While accepting a lump sum … Read More »

Five Things to Expect During the Insurance Claim Process


Most people in Wichita have a lot of questions after being involved in a wreck on I-235. Although each situation is different, there … Read More »

If Insurance Companies Are So Bad, Should I get an Independent Agent?

If you have been shopping for insurance, but have heard all the horror stories of bad insurance companies, you may be looking for another option. … Read More »

Ten Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Settlement

Some people may decide their case isn’t worth enough to go to trial. Many don’t even contact a Wichita personal injury attorney. Others are fooled … Read More »

What does this letter mean that I received from the Insurance company?

Although every insurance company will try to discourage you from contacting an attorney, it is important to do your research and find out why they … Read More »

When the insurance adjuster shows up, beware of these tricky tactics.

After being involved in an auto accident on the Kansas Turnpike, citizens of Wichita, Andover, Goddard or Derby can become easily confused in the process … Read More »

What two important aspects should you look for in an automobile policy?

Automobile policies are typically long and confusing. Reading the policy from top to bottom can be almost impossible for someone who doesn’t know what they’re … Read More »

Attorney Ryan Hodge explains what happens when you sign a release for your insurance adjuster

After being involved in a car wreck, the insurance adjuster will attempt to get you to sign a release. However, many people don’t understand that … Read More »

Steps you need to take to fill out a personal injury protection claim

If you or a family member is injured in a Kansas car wreck, your Personal Injury Protection coverage will help pay for medical and other … Read More »

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