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How Damages Caps Can Affect your Case

You’ve won your Wichita personal injury lawsuit. You’re excited to receive the check that will help pay off medical bills and get you back on … Read More »

When Emergency Responders Make Mistakes

After a serious wreck, people count on the emergency responders to come to the rescue. Usually one of the first on the scene, first responders … Read More »

Five Facts About Rear-End Collisions in Wichita

Whether the collision is low-velocity or high impact, rear-end collisions are common. Even rear-end collisions at low speeds can cause injuries such as whiplash. If … Read More »

Don’t Let a Common Mistake Ruin your Case

Although there are various ways to ruin your personal injury lawsuit, some are more common than others. We have listed the five most common mistakes … Read More »

Online Legal Advice and How it Can Hurt You

When a question arises, most people go the same place to find an answer: the internet. A few clicks on your computer or pushing a … Read More »

When a Car Accident Can Put You Behind Bars

Car accidents happen in Wichita, Derby and Goddard every day. In 2010, over five million accidents were reported across the United States. If the injury, … Read More »

Want to Report Your Employer, But Scared You’ll Lose Your Job?

A 2012 report by AFLAC shows that an astonishing 35 percent of workers are extremely unhappy at the company they work for. The employees also … Read More »

When Can Sending a Text Land You in Court

Distracted driving laws are taking even greater measures to keep highways safe. Some states don’t even require you to be in the vehicle to face … Read More »

If I am Approached by an Attorney After my Wreck, Should I Hire Him?

Some attorney’s use a “runner” to push their services. In other words, if they hear someone was in a car wreck, they might send this … Read More »

How to Save Money by Reviewing Your Insurance

After a truck has rear-ended you on Hillside probably isn’t the best time to find out what your insurance policy is lacking. Most people take … Read More »

If I Win My Case, Do I Get to Keep All the Compensation?

It’s not uncommon to hear about lawsuit reaching the millions. The $5 million lawsuit over a Subway sandwich has been in the news recently, and … Read More »

Learn about situations where a Wichita personal injury attorney may reject your case

A personal injury or disability attorney only gets paid if they win. Because of this, the attorney may decline your case if they believe they … Read More »

If you don’t think your case is moving fast enough, you may want to learn more about the actual process of a lawsuit

You’ve finally found yourself a good attorney to represent your personal injury case. You’re ready to get the ball rolling, but it seems like your … Read More »

If you don’t feel your attorney is doing justice for your case, what can you do?

After hiring an attorney, sometimes clients lose faith or trust in their lawyer. Others feel their attorney doesn’t have the competence needed for that area … Read More »

Finding the right lawyer for your case is important, but there are certain questions you should ask before hiring any lawyer.

Finding the right lawyer for your case is important, but there are certain questions you should ask before hiring any lawyer.

1. How many years … Read More »

Negligence Explained: Comparative VS Contributory in Kansas Accidents

Comparative and contributory negligence are defenses available in different states to lessen the amount that a defendant may have to pay to a plaintiff for … Read More »

Kansas Statutes of Limitations and Your Injury

The time limit within which a lawsuit must be brought is called a statute of limitation. That time period varies from state to state and … Read More »

Battery is a Serious Crime in Kansas: Know Your Victim’s Rights

The word “battery” comes from the Latin “battuere” meaning “to beat.” In a legal sense, battery occurs when someone touches or uses force against a … Read More »

Someone Has Property Belonging to You: Conversion and Kansas Law

Conversion is the wrongful taking of or control over the personal property of another person.

To prove conversion these elements must be present:

The … Read More »

The Six Ways Your Kansas Lawsuit Can Determine Your Damage Dollars

Nature, Extent, and Duration of Injury

In a personal injury case, the most important factors which determine the amount of damages awarded to the injured … Read More »

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