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Pilots Come Clean about Sleeping Behind Controls

Autopilot was the only thing controlling an Airbus A330 for an unknown amount of time after both pilots went to sleep behind the controls. Despite … Read More »

Bride-to-Be and Best Man Killed in Boating Under the Influence Accident

A celebration gone wrong has left groom-to-be Brian Bond without his bride or best man. Lindsay Stewart and Mark Lennon were both lost in the … Read More »

Statute of Limitations Let This Man Walk Away Free

The 1968 hit-and-run that killed four-year-old Carolee Sadie Ashby has remained a mystery for 45 years. Now, with the help of Facebook, authorities now know … Read More »

Parent’s of Kobe Bryant Settle Dispute with an Apology

Basketball star Kobe Bryant stood his ground during a family feud with his parents. When Bryant’s parents tried to sell a vast majority of Bryant’s … Read More »

Wrongful Death Suit Settled in Wichita Girl’s Death

The wrongful death lawsuit over a 12-year-old’s death has been settled in Court. Parents of Suhani Bhakta will receive $300,000 in damages from the city … Read More »

Lawsuit against the IRS for Targeting Tea Party

It’s no surprise that a lawsuit for the violation of constitutional rights by the IRS has been filed by the Tea Party. The NorCal Tea … Read More »

Kansas Man Fired for Reporting Working Conditions

When the conditions at any Kansas work place are unsafe, it’s natural for workers to report it. Employers are typically grateful to the employee for … Read More »

Jogger Killed by Loose Dogs

Authorities say the four pit bulls suspected of killing a 63-year-old jogger are still at large. Although they have captured several dogs in search of … Read More »

Wichita Police Buckling Down on Citizens Buckling Up

Law enforcement in the Wichita, Topeka, Garden City and Hutchinson area will be strictly enforcing the term ‘Click It or Ticket.’ Beginning May 20, the … Read More »

Young Boy Falls Out of Three Story Window and Remains Unscathed

Parents go to great measures to ensure that their children will be protected in the home. Electrical outlets are covered, small items that could be … Read More »

Teacher Terminated for Political Cartoons Files Lawsuit

A teacher from St. Tammany Parish has filed a lawsuit against the school system claiming his rights under the teachers’ collective bargaining agreement were violated … Read More »

Watch Out for the New Scam in Wichita

Wichita is seeing a new and very believable scam. According to Elisabeth Myers, a phone call in which the caller claimed to be a sheriff’s … Read More »

Debt Collectors Posing as Attorneys Fool Many: Don’t Let Them Fool You

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission has closed a Texas-based debt collection office after finding that the company used deceptive and abusive scare tactics to force … Read More »

Rare Ruling Allows Baseball Fan to Seek Damages from Foul Ball

A favorite pastime for many Wichita citizens is going to a Wingnuts game or cheering on Wichita State University softball and baseball teams. Although most … Read More »

Can the flu shot save a healthcare professional’s job?

After refusing to take a mandatory flu shot, an Indiana hospital has fired eight employees. Concern about the spreading influenza led to the hospital implementing … Read More »

Kansas tops the list of most unprepared states for disaster

Two nonprofit organizations recently published a 79 page analysis called “Ready or Not?” over public health preparedness. It includes the ability of hospitals, health departments … Read More »

Portable generators that lead to fires and burns recalled

After discovering fire and burn hazards, the CPSC has recalled Honda’s portable generators. Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled products.

American Honda Motor Co. … Read More »

Five infant deaths lead to a recall on the Nap Nanny

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has filed a complaint against the makers of Nap Nanny, a portable baby recliner, after five infant deaths. The newest … Read More »

Pea Pod Travel Crib recalled after baby’s death

Manufactured by KidCo Inc., the Pea Pod Travel Crib has been available to consumers since 2005. However, after one baby’s death and nine more becoming … Read More »

Hunting season is here – so are new regulations

Hunting season is underway and many Wichita citizens are itching to get out their bow or rifle and head to the country. But before you … Read More »

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