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Dangerous Used Tires Sold for Profit

Tire stores across the country have devised a plan to make the company profits. Unsuspecting car owners would purchase what they believed to be a … Read More »

Chrysler Refuses to Recall SUV’s with Fire-Prone Fuel Tanks

Recalls happen almost every day. A new drug on the market may be recalled for being harmful or malfunctioning equipment that can cause injury is … Read More »

Kansas Infrastructure Rated a C Minus


When Wichita citizens get in their car to head to work in the morning, most don’t think about how safe an overpass or … Read More »

Toyota Recalls Over 1 Million Models

Toyota is in the news again for more recalls. Two car accidents and 18 injuries have been the result of faulty airbags and windshield wipers. … Read More »

GM adds tire age warning after a horrific end to a family vacation

After a family vacation at Disneyland, three generations of the Taylor family were returning to their home in Phoenix when tragedy struck. On July 3rd, … Read More »

Kansas man in jail after high speed wreck

Usually, we only see high speed chases in the movies. However, south-central Nebraska saw a high speed chase that ended in a fatal collision involving … Read More »

Teen convicted of texting while driving: Could this happen in Kansas?

After being convicted several weeks ago for vehicular homicide, Aaron Deveau, 18, will serve one year in prison and the loss of his drivers license … Read More »

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