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What happens when there is not enough money to cover all the harms and losses?

In this episode the reporters from KidTv learn what happens when irresponsible people break the rules and cause harms and losses and then break the … Read More »

What does insurance have to do with lawsuits and what is insurance anyway?

The reports at KidTV tackle the complex subject of insurance with Wichita, Kansas attorney Ryan Hodge. Listen in as they learn what insurance is and … Read More »

What is a jury and what does a jury do?

Wichita, Kansas attorney Ryan Hodge discusses with the reporters from KidTV the most basic part of our civil justice system; the right to a trial … Read More »

What is a Frivolous lawsuit?

Listen in as Wichita, Kansas attorney Ryan Hodge talks to the reporters from KidTV about frivolous lawsuits. There is even a discussion about the McDonald’s … Read More »

What is negligence?

Wichita, Kansas attorney Ryan Hodge explains to the reports at KidTV what negligence is and what happens when someone is negligent.

video Read More »

What damages can I get in a personal injury lawsuit?

This episode of KidTV has Wichita, Kansas attorney Ryan Hodge talking to the reporters from KidTV about what he calls “human losses”. Human losses are … Read More »

Watch Ryan Hodge as he explains to the reporters at KidTv

If you have been injured and have wondered “What is a personal injury lawsuit?”, then don’t miss this video. Attorney Ryan Hodge from Wichita, Kansas … Read More »

Attorney Ryan Hodge is interviewed by Kid TV and talks about

This video gives an introduction to what a civil lawsuit is and how the civil justice system works to protect people when someone breaks the … Read More »

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