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Will a prior injury affect my case?

Sometimes. Recent or chronic injuries can affect your case. Older injuries, such as a neck injury from ten years ago, most likely will not affect … Read More »

Will a personal injury attorney reject my claim?


It’s possible. The attorney may decline your case if they believe they don’t have a good chance at winning. Examples of red flags include … Read More »

My case is settled, does that mean I’m done?


No. Sometimes insurance companies that paid for your medical expenses or wage loss will demand to be reimbursed. There are several situations where you … Read More »

Can I fire my attorney?


Yes. Just because you’ve hired an attorney doesn’t mean you’re stuck with him or her forever. If you feel that your personal injury attorney … Read More »

When can I sue for emotional distress?


Just because your feelings were hurt, doesn’t mean you have a case for emotional distress. However, several factors can result in emotional distress damages.

Read More »

What are the Statutes of Limitation in Kansas?


Every state has Statutes of Limitation and it varies from state to state. Before pursuing your case, it would first be helpful to understand … Read More »

What is the difference in settling and going to trial?


When looking for compensation for you or a loved ones personal injury, whether it is from being hurt on the job, being bitten by … Read More »

I have a personal injury claim in Kansas, but I don’t want to go to Court. What can I do?


Most of the time, your personal injury claim can be settled out of court without needing to have a trial. However, insurance companies will … Read More »

What is PIP and How Can It Protect My Family from a Kansas Car Wreck Injury?


Some U.S. states offer an extension in coverage called Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Kansas is one of those states. This part of insurance is … Read More »

What is evidence?

A: Evidence is any thing said by a witness, document or physical object that is used to prove a case. For example, if a person … Read More »

What is premises liability?

A: Premises liability simply refers to lawsuits against landowners and companies because of dangerous conditions on their land. Premises liability may include lawsuits for slipping … Read More »

Should I talk to the insurance company?

A: Under no circumstances should you ever talk to an insurance company about any event until after you have talked with a lawyer. Not even … Read More »

What is a preponderance of evidence or burden of proof?

A: In a criminal case the stare must prove the defendant is guilty beyond reasonable doubt. In a civil case that is their burden or … Read More »

What is a civil lawsuit?

A: A civil lawsuit is a claim between two or more companies or individuals that generally involves money.

What losses will an automobile insurance company pay for?

A: Automobile insurance is required by law to cover losses that can be legally recovered as a result of an automobile collision under the policy … Read More »

What is a soft tissue injury?

A: Soft Tissue injury is any injury to tissue that is not bone or teeth. It commonly refers to the ripping, stretching, or tearing or … Read More »

What is negligence?

A: Negligence is the failure of a person acting reasonably to do what a person should or shouldn’t do. The standards for what a reasonable … Read More »

What is Arbitration and how does it work?

A: Arbitation is a term that means disputes cannot go to a jury trial. Most businesses now have an arbitration provision in their contracts required … Read More »

How do lawsuits work?

A: A Civil lawsuit is a way to recover money for harms and losses you have suffered when someone else break’s the rules. Lawsuits begin … Read More »

What is whiplash?


Whiplash was originally referred to as rail spine. It was an injury to the necks of passengers of trains in the 1800’s. It was … Read More »

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