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How do lawsuits work?

A: A Civil lawsuit is a way to recover money for harms and losses you have suffered when someone else break’s the rules. Lawsuits begin when a person seeking to recover money files a document with the court called a petition or complaint.

The person being sued will file an answer. The evidence gathering process begins at that point and is known as the discovery phase of the lawsuit. The discovery phase involves both parties gathering information from the other side about the case. Discovery or evidence gathering can involve asking for documents, getting answers to written questions and asking people questions under oath in what is called a deposition.
Once the evidence is gathered the case will go to trial where 12 randomly selected people called a jury will decide whose story is most likely right.

For more detail about lawsuits see the KidTV video called learning about lawsuits. If you have questions please call Ryan Hodge at 269-1414 for a free consultation.

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