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Should I see a Chiropractor or an Orthopedist after my accident?

A common question with varying answers, we have found that our clients benefit greatly from Chiropractor treatment. Most sudden back pain and neck pain can … Read More »

Will a prior injury affect my case?

Sometimes. Recent or chronic injuries can affect your case. Older injuries, such as a neck injury from ten years ago, most likely will not affect … Read More »

Will my insurance company cover my attorney fees?


In some cases, such as litigating certain benefit denials or termination under an employer-sponsored plan, the Court has the power to award attorney fees. … Read More »

Is it bad to talk about my accident on Facebook?


Unfortunately, mentioning your accident on any kind of social media could be used against you later on. Insurance adjusters aren’t looking out for your … Read More »

I was in an accident and the other guy fled the scene! Who pays for the damages?


Even though you don’t know who to file a claim against, your insurance coverage will include uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. This means that … Read More »

Does having a prior injury affect my Wichita personal injury case?


Yes, having a prior injury can affect your case. This doesn’t mean you can’t win your case, or that your damages will be lowered, … Read More »

After a Wichita auto accident, do I file my accident with my insurance or theirs?


As soon as you have been evaluated by a medical professional, it’s important that you contact your insurance company to report the accident promptly. … Read More »

What is a non delegable duty and how does it affect my driving?


Suppose you’re driving down Oliver and you stop to make a left turn across traffic. The oncoming traffic is heavy and backed. Suddenly there … Read More »

What is Med Pay and Can It Protect the Passengers in a Kansas car crash injury?


Medical Payment Insurance, also called Med Pay, is a form of insurance that covers your immediate medical costs after an accident. Similar, but less … Read More »

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