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What is PIP and How Can It Protect My Family from a Kansas Car Wreck Injury?


Some U.S. states offer an extension in coverage called Personal Injury Protection (PIP). Kansas is one of those states. This part of insurance is what covers your medical expense bills, lost wages, essential services, funeral expenses, rehabilitation expenses and other damages. PIP is a mandatory part of every automobile insurance policy in Kansas. In fact, if you have an insurance policy from another state and you are injured in Kansas the PIP benefits automatically become a part of your insurance policy even if they are not in your insurance contract.

PIP compensates you for a wide variety of losses due to an accident. With PIP, you can get reimbursed for medical expenses and mileage to and from your doctors office or hospital. In some circumstances PIP will pay for household expenses such as maintenance to your lawn or household cleaning if you are unable to perform those activities due to your Kansas car crash injuries.

Personal Injury Protection is often referred to as “no-fault” coverage because legal liability, or “fault,” does not affect your PIP. In fact, PIP is specifically designed to be paid without considering legal liability. In other words, if you are injured in a Kansas car wreck you can get PIP benefits from your own insurance company whether you are at fault, someone else is at fault or no one is at fault.

If you are injured in a Kansas automobile collision and your insurance company pays out PIP benefits you will have to pay those back only if you recover those losses from another driver who was at fault for causing your injuries. In other words, if another driver is found responsible for the wreck, the insurance company can reclaim the expenses they paid for out of your Personal Injury Protection.

Kansas law requires any insurance policy to have at least $4500 in medical expense coverage under the PIP benefits part of the policy. Kansas law also requires coverage for lost wages. The minimum lost wage coverage is 85% of your lost wages not to exceed $900 a month for 12 months. If you want more than the minimum $4500 in medical expense coverage or more than $900 a month in wage loss coverage talk to your insurance agent about increasing PIP coverage. Some policies can cover as much as $25,000 in medical expenses for only a few dollars a month more in premiums.

If you have had a Kansas car wreck injury that was not your fault and need medical treatment, you need an experienced professional who can help you get back on the road to recover. Call us today at 316-269-1414. Our Kansas personal injury attorney’s will provide you a free initial consultation and if we take your case you don’t pay a dime unless we recover money for you. Even then we only take a percentage of the total amount of your recovery. If you have questions about attorney fee contracts in personal injury cases. Read our article located here.

If you have questions on what you should be looking for when you are making a decision to hire a Kansas personal injury lawyer Read our article located here.

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