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Will a prior injury affect my case?

Sometimes. Recent or chronic injuries can affect your case. Older injuries, such as a neck injury from ten years ago, most likely will not affect your case as long as symptoms and treatments for the injury ceased years before the new injury.

Regardless, you must be able to prove that your current injury that you are seeking compensation for is a result of the car accident or someone else’s negligence.

Remember that the most important part of prior injuries is to be honest and straight forward with your Wichita personal injury attorney from the start.

If you have a prior injury in the area where you were injured in a car wreck this means you have a pre-existing condition. You can only recover the aggravation of the pre-existing condition.

For example if you had a prior neck injury that caused you occasional soreness and stiffness and now due to the car wreck you have a neck injury that causes pain to shoot into your arms then you have evidence of a change or aggravation in your pre-existing condition. Its very to document the differences in your condition immediately after any car wreck because over time you may forget.

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