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Wichita attorney explains what to do if you are in a rear-end collision

Insurance companies look for any reason to deny your Kansas personal injury claim. If you are rear ended driving down Kellogg on a busy street like Hillside, but have minimal damage to your car, an insurance company will often claim you could not have been hurt. You know they are wrong, the medical literature shows they are wrong, and the sad truth is…they know they are wrong.

Because it is a “low damage” case, the insurance will say there’s no way you could suffer injuries from a wreck that was so small. However, it’s important to know how serious your injuries could be and what to do after being in a rear-end collision in Wichita, Andover or any other town in Kansas.

Although the car may look like it is not severely damaged, even low velocity collisions can result in whiplash, soft tissue injury to the lumbar spine, spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or facial and head injuries. All these conditions are serious and can result in lasting pain and high medical bills. To read more about a soft tissue injury, click here.

To protect yourself against the insurance company, start by taking your car in to a dependable automotive shop. Often, rear-end collisions have damage that is hidden and require expert analysis. By removing the rear bumper, other signs of impact can be proven. Next, remember to document all damages and evidence about the collision. This includes and estimate and photographs of the damage. Make sure you get pictures of the car that hit you. Many times insurance company investigators will take a picture of your car showing little damage to your bumper, but they know not to take pictures of their insured’s vehicle because the front end will usually have substantial damage. Insurance companies understand the impact that the picture of a minimally damaged car can have on a jury. That want to hide the damage that was done to the striker vehicle and the best way to do that is to not take pictures. Lastly, never accept a settlement or have the vehicle repaired until you have spoken to a lawyer.

If you have suffered a whiplash injury from a rear end collision and have questions about whiplash check out the articles on our website about whiplash injuries. Our experienced Kansas whiplash attorneys have been helping people with Kansas car wreck injuries for over twenty years. We understand the science behind low impact injury collisions and know how to defeat the insurance company claims that you were not hurt.

If you hire us to take your case we can talk to you in much more detail about how we handle these cases and even talk to you about the experts that are needed to get you the recovery you deserve. We do not put this information on our website because we know that insurance companies and insurance company attorneys routinely look for information like this from law firms like ours that have a reputation for making the insurance company pay what they owe. We have spent years developing an understanding of the science of low velocity collisions so we can maximize the benefit to our clients. When you hire us you get an arsenal of information the insurance company does not want you to know about.

If you have had a Kansas car wreck injury that was not your fault and need medical treatment, you need an experienced professional who can help you get back on the road to recover. Call us today at 316-269-1414. Our Kansas personal injury attorney’s will provide you a free initial consultation and if we take your case you don’t pay a dime unless we recover money for you. Even then we only take a percentage of the total amount of your recovery.

If you have questions on what you should be looking for when you are making a decision to hire a Kansas personal injury lawyer Read our article located here.

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