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Driving aggressively is a serious problem on the highways of Kansas. Learn what you can do to reduce the dangers of aggressive driving.

Most citizens in the Wichita area are aware that distracted driving and driving under the influence are serious problems on the rise. What may don’t know is that there is another serious dilemma that we see every day – aggressive driving.

Aggressive driving are behaviors that include speeding, frequent and unnecessary lane changes, tailgating, and running red or yellow lights. Obviously these habits are unsafe and put every one on the road at danger. Although many people agree that aggressive driving is a serious danger on the road, most don’t identify their driving habits as aggressive.

Why aggressive driving is on the rise

  1. On busy roads such as the Kansas Turnpike, I-235 or Kellogg, drivers have a mindset of individual rights and freedom. Instead of focusing on other drivers they share the road with, they see driving as competitive when it should be cooperative.

  2. The fear of being pulled over and ticketed is directly related to the amount of traffic enforcement. Because of budget restraints, many cities have had to cut back on the amount of traffic enforcement.

  3. Over the last 30 years, the level of travel and congestion in cities has increased 38 percent. This can be frustrated and many drivers respond to their frustration in an aggressive manner.

Why aggressive driving is dangerous

Speeding can be as dangerous as distracted driving or drunk driving for the same reason – the ability to react to a dangerous situation is seriously inhibited. Also, a driver’s ability to steer safely around curves or objects in the roadway is reduced. In 2008, 31 percent of fatal accidents had speeding as a contributing factor.

Speeding is a serious factor as well as road rage. Road rage is not the same thing as aggressive driving because it involves the driver using a vehicle as a weapon. This is also a criminal offense that can lead to jail time.

What you can do to stay safe

Reduce your own aggressive driving habits:

  • Don’t take frustrations on the road out on other drivers.

  • Leave early enough to allow time for delays.

  • Realize that honking your horn, pounding on the steering wheel or shaking your fist doesn’t make traffic move any faster – it only makes other drivers angry.

Avoid danger:

  • Don’t tailgate or flash your lights at other drivers.

  • Use your horn sparingly.

  • Leave the left lane open for drivers that want to pass.

The benefits of driving slower and safer are obvious, but in addition, the U.S. Department of Energy notes that sensible driving lowers your car’s MPG substantially. Help keep the roads of Wichita, Derby and Andover safe by slowing down and staying calm in frustrating situations.

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