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Insurance companies use a software to give you a low-ball settlement

Recent discoveries could potentially affect millions of insurance consumers. According to a report by the Consumer Federation of America (CFA) insurance consumers are being “lowballed” on their injury payments by a computerized system.

The project director for the CFA, Mark Romano, reveals the changes in how injury claims are handled now. Previously, claim adjusters would determine the payout, but today, the amount is determined by data input and a computer software system.

The most dominant claims system on the market is called Colossus. It is largely based off your medical records and which attorney you chose to represent you. Using Colossus decreases the value of your claim because it doesn’t take into consideration factors such as stress, pain, inconvenience, loss of pleasure of life, inability to participate in the things that you enjoy most or any other claims that a judge or jury will take into consideration. Essentially, the computerized system cannot take into account the understanding of human suffering.

Although this system is used to reach consistency in evaluations, it is also used to save insurers billions by underpaying claims. It is also possible for insurers to put biased or incomplete information into the system, resulting in an even lower payout.

Insurance companies that are believed to use Colossus include: Aetna, Allstate, CNA, Erie, Farmers, Metropolitan, Ohio Casualty, The Hartford, MetLife, Travelers, USAA andZurich. Many other insurance companies use a similar computerized system.

Don’t let an insurance company “lowball” or keep you from getting what you deserve. Even companies that use Colossus, or a similar system, take into account who your attorney is and what their history is of settling or filing a lawsuit. A critical factor in dealing with a computer that evaluates your case is that the computer gets kicked to the curb when a Kansas injury lawyer files a lawsuit. The computer simply cannot handle the complexities that arise out of the lawsuit process so the evaluation process falls back into the hands of an adjustor whose job depends on not letting aKansasinjury attorney get a huge verdict. This means that a Kansas car wreck lawyer that files a lawsuit can get you a higher settlement even if your case is settled without going to trial.

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