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Defamation and the Internet

Sticks and stones may break your bones, but words…could land you in court. The digital age has introduced cyber bullying. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, and gossip sites like Campus Gossip make it easy for any person with computer access to start rumors and ruin someone’s reputation. But before you type your post, remember you are running the risk of being sued for libel or digital defamation.

Oxford Dictionary lists defamation as, “The action of damaging the good reputation of someone.” This is any false or harmful statement that is unprivileged. Defamation falls under two categories, slander or libel. Slander is spoken defamation, while libel is written defamation.

Digital defamation is exactly what it says, libel or slander that occurs on the Internet. Although many may think they can post anonymously on the Internet, almost everything leaves a trail that could be traced back to the cyber bully. Since defamation isn’t a crime, it cannot lead to imprisonment. However, it is considered to be a civil wrong, or a tort. Quite a few defamation cases have ended with high monetary damages.

You may be wondering, “What about my freedom of speech?” People are free to talk about their experiences, even involving other people, as long as it’s true.   However, if you are making false accusations that could ruin someone’s reputation, that person has the right to sue.

How Do I Prove a Defamation Lawsuit?

Defamation laws are different in each state, but each case has similar standards. To prove your defamation case, you must provide evidence that:

  1. Someone made a defaming statement
  2. The statement was published
  3. Injury was caused from the statement
  4. The statement was not true
  5. The statement was unprivileged

If you believe your reputation has been damaged due to defamation, it is important to consult an attorney. Defamation lawsuits can be difficult and require professional help.

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If you have questions on what you should be looking for when you are making a decision to hire a Kansas personal injury lawyer, read our article located here

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