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Legally, We Can’t Say That We Are the Best Personal Injury or Car Wreck Law Firm in Kansas. However, Before You Talk to An Insurance Adjuster, Sign any Forms or Hire an Attorney For Your Kansas Injury or Car Wreck Case–Take Two Minutes and give me a call.

Your initial Consultation is “FREE”? So what’s the catch?

Nothing really. We offer them. But that’s all any lawyer can do when people are asking basic questions like:

“Do I even need an attorney?”
“What are my options?”
“What kind of attorney do I need for this type of case?”

Over the years, I have found out that the internet has become a super power for consumers. Potential clients search the internet to find out about everything from Dishwashers to lawyers. Clients want more information before they make that first visit. Clients want to learn about their claims before they come see a lawyer. Many times a client will see a lawyer on TV and go to the office only to find out he hasn’t gone to Court in years and is only looking for a quick settlement. Clients have told me of finding an ad in the yellow pages for a lawyer who claims to handle medical malpractice cases only to find out that they refer the case to another lawyer and wouldn’t even know how to tell if a person had a good malpractice case. I have heard horror stories of lawyers pressuring people into settlements not because their case was bad but because their lawyer was afraid of a Courtroom. In some cases, clients were complaining that it took them a year or more to find out that their lawyer, indeed, was not a qualified personal injury or car wreck attorney.

So what’s the solution? I offer explanations of many types of cases on my website. Look the information over, make a list of questions and call me. No hassle, no pressure. If I can’t help you I will tell you if I know of a lawyer that could help you. Most of all I promise you that if you get low balled by an insurance company on a case that is worth more than they are offering I will take your case to trial if that’s what you want.

“Ryan, you are not like the attorneys they talk about on TV… Thank you for being honest. Other attorneys told me they didn’t have time but you explained to me what the law was and helped me understand how to decide what to do with my case.”

Remember, before you call me or any other lawyer you can go to my website and learn all about cases. You can see the cases I have been in that were published Court decisions, you can watch my videos (and yes they are cheesey). I provide you this information free of charge because I want you to be a smarter consumer BEFORE you talk to that adjuster, hire a lawyer or sign any forms.

What could be more Simple?

You can always call our office and speak to me, Ryan Hodge at 316-269-1414.

Continual improvement

I have listened to clients that want information about help groups, medical information sources and legal information. We are in the process of creating one of the most powerful consumer legal resources on the web so check back often.

Kansas car wreck and malpractice victims are beginning to realize that it’s ridiculous to think that insurance companies, especially in tough economic times, are going to treat you fairly on their own. Its also foolhardy to think that all lawyers are the same or that “call us quick, no fee if no recovery” is a good reason to choose an attorney.

A Word About Lawyer Advertising

Kansas consumers have come to understand that most lawyer advertising is bad for consumers. Bad, because most lawyer ads don’t provide any really USEFUL information. I blame our state Legal associations who seem to want lawyers to not advertise at all and I blame those lawyers who advertise they can help when the only one they intend to help is themselves. Shame on you both!

The Insurance Company is not your friend and they don’t want to help you no matter what they say.

The insurance companies would love for you to give them a recorded statement; sign their medical authorization; and accept their offer to let them “pay you a little something for pain and suffering” before you know what your rights are. If you have experienced a life altering injury do you really want to give these people a chance to eliminate their responsibility for ten cents on the dollar?

How the Insurance Companies Use Their Money buy your rights from politicians

Yes, you heard me right, every day insurance companies pay politicians to pass laws taking away your legal rights. They call it “Tort Reform” and parade examples of made up lawsuits about people who sue after walking to the back of a driving RV for coffee. It all comes down to money. They are spending millions to save hundred of millions by passing laws that eliminate your rights to recover fairly when you have been hurt in a car wreck, by a careless doctor or by an uncaring landlord. You’ve seen it in the news and you’ve seen it in your paychecks. As if this is not enough insurance companies are increasing their premiums and deductibles while shrinking their liability coverage.

Insurance companies have already made substantial “progress” in influencing the legal system. In Kansas, for instance, insurance companies have made certain that the maximum recovery for a person injured by someone else, no matter how severe his condition, is “capped”. Many victims of car wrecks or other injuries may never be able to work again and may face ongoing medical bills that have spiraled into many millions of dollars, yet the law arbitrarily limits the maximum amount such a person can recover for their pain and suffering.

In addition, insurance companies make sure that the legal processes involved in personal injury cases are lengthy, embarrassing and as costly as possible for you. Insurance companies have no qualms about denying responsibility in even the most outrageous cases that often result in lifelong pain, suffering and loss for the victim and their family. Insurance companies hope that by making the process difficult, you will decide to not pursue your claim. They also hope that you will not find a competent, experienced, trial attorney to handle your claim. They want you to go to a TV lawyer that will settle your case for pennies on the dollar because it saves them money.

About Wichita, Kansas Personal Injury Attorney Ryan Hodge

Since 1994, Ryan Hodge has helped clients seeking compensation for car wrecks, and personal injuries work through the many legal hurdles and walls insurance companies present. Because my practice areas focus on these challenging areas of the law, I offer experience and a wealth of resources and knowledge in representing our clients. Unlike other lawyers, I have never taken the easy way out. I have tried over sixty injury cases to a jury and have tried more civil injury cases than 95% of the lawyers in Kansas; especially the ones with big advertising budgets and pockets lined with quick settlements.

My law firm will be the first to tell you that no car wreck or personal injury case is easy. Honesty is the foundation of client relationships, and we’ve designed our web site to educate you on the many steps to consider if you are seeking money for your injury or condition. Please review our site in full to gain a better understanding of the challenges you will face in your legal pursuit. Once you have reviewed our site call me at 316-269-1414.

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