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Wichita lawyer explains different burn injuries and how contacting an attorney early helps your case

The Wichita emergency rooms of Via Christi or Wesley hospital see more burn injuries than you might think. Citizens of Derby, Andover and Goddard suffer from a number of different types and degrees of burns, all which can seriously affect lives. You might have been burned on the job or simply had an accident while cooking in the kitchen. Regardless, you could very well be entitled to the money you need to make up for those harms and losses and for the injuries that have changed your life.

Burn injuries can happen from heat, electricity, chemicals, radiation or friction. Sometimes they only affect the skin and can be treated quickly, but occasionally they can be very serious and affect not only the skin, but muscle, bone and blood vessels as well. These serious burn injuries cause shock, disfigurement, infection, imbalances, respiratory failures and other problems. These problems will affect not only you, but your loved ones around you.

The severity of your burn injury depends on the degree of burn, region of the body, cause of burn and age. There different types of burns can occur from any of the following:

Heat burns: These are caused by exposure to flames, hot surfaces or an explosion.

Electrical burns: These are caused either by electrical shock or an uncontrolled short circuit. It is quite common for a workplace injury to be an electrical burn.

Radiation burns: Prolonged exposure to UV light, tanning beds, radiation therapy can cause radiation burns. These radiation burns can also cause eye injuries. These burns are often seen when a tanning company fails to set the timer on a bed correctly and lets someone sunburn in the bed.

Chemical burns: Often the result of an industrial accident, chemical burns occur when tissue is exposed to a corrosive substance, such as acids, bases, solvents and reducing agents. Sometimes chemical burns are hidden until severe damage has been done.

Scalding burns: Hot liquids or gases will cause a scalding burn. These are most common in children and can be the result of hot tap water in a hotel or motel.

If these injuries are the cause of someone else’s negligence whether it be a co-worker that wasn’t paying attention or the company that incorrectly installed an appliance that caused a house fire, you deserve damages for medical bills now and in the future.

Contacting a Wichita burn injury lawyer will help pay for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, lost wages and lost ability to work, pain and suffering, mental anguish damages and, when suitable, punitive damages. If you are quick to contact your Wichita burn injury lawyer while still in the hospital, they can work with the hospital administration to document your treatment, which can help your case of pain and suffering.

If you have had a Kansas burn injury that was not your fault and need medical treatment, you need an experienced professional who can help you get back on the road to recover. Call us today at 316-269-1414 or visit our contact page here. Our Kansas personal injury attorneys will provide you a free initial consultation and if we take your case you don’t pay a dime unless we recover money for you. Even then we only take a percentage of the total amount of your recovery.

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