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Prevent drowsy driving accidents

An estimated 100,000 crashes occur each year due to drowsy driving. Being awake an extended period of time or having a very small amount of sleep between two full days of activity can result in driving impairment the same as blood alcohol concentration level above the legal limit.

However, it can be very hard to foresee when you are getting too drowsy to drive. Some signs include: having trouble focusing, rubbing your eyes, wandering thoughts or slower reaction times. All of these signs quickly precede nodding off behind the wheel. The best way to prevent falling asleep behind the wheel is to not drive when you feel extremely fatigue or your eyes getting heavy, However, here are some other do’s and don’t that can help you stay safe.


  • Drive if you have taken medication that could cause drowsiness

  • Drive if you have to rely on the radio, open window, or blasting A/C to keep you awake

  • Drive if you would normally be sleeping at that time

  • Drive if you have had more than one drink of alcohol, and feel tired or fatigued. Alcohol reduces your ability to recognize fatigue. This increases the chance of you falling asleep at the wheel.


  • Get enough rest before you go on a long drive

  • Pull over if you get warning signs of drowsiness

  • Drink caffeine, but don’t rely on it for long periods of time

  • Drive with a passenger

Remember that when you drive, you have the responsibility to keep yourself and others on the road safe. Often, pulling over for a 15 minute nap can help overcome the drowsy driving. Help keep Kansas highways safe by staying alert and cautious.

At Ray Hodge and Associates, LLC we have experience in handling drowsy driving cases. We build up cases with an eye towards establishing that the driver should have realized the dangers of driving drowsy and in some cases may even be able to recover punitive damages. Don’t trust your drowsy driving case to just anyone. Ryan Hodge has tried over fifty automobile collision cases to a jury. Of course, we always try to settle cases for our clients but if the insurance company does not make a good offer we will take the case to Court if that’s what our client desires.

Call us today for a free consultation and ask about no fee if no recovery option.

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