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Electrical Injuries Require an Experienced Kansas Lawyer to Help You Get Your Life Back

Electrical injury can come in many forms and have many symptoms. Even household voltages can have a lifelong impact on a person’s health and well-being.

Research in the 1950s by Charles Dalziel established much of our early understanding of electrical injury. However due to many rapid advances in technology and our understanding of electrical injury, we now know that many of his standards are flawed.

Early research failed to take into account human variability. Can kill another what may not face one person. Early research also fail to take into account the path deep electricity took for the human body and how long the electrocution lasted.

Today, we generally categorize injuries from electric shock as primary or secondary. Primary injuries are the injuries that occur when current passes through the body and has an impact on the tissues. Typical primary injuries include burns and nerve injury. Secondary injury results when a person tries to get away from the source of the shock. Such injuries can include muscle injuries and broken bones.

A strong enough electrical current can interfere with the heart’s rhythm and stop a regular heartbeat. This is known as ventricular fibrillation.

Myths about electric shock:

  1. No burns mean no injury. Electrical burns usually occur because of high skin resistance at the entry or exit point of the current. High resistance results in lots of energy being focused on a single point. This is what causes burning. It is skin is wet and there is low resistance is unlikely there will be a burn but there can still be significant injury. In fact research shows almost half of all household voltage shocks have no entry or exit wounds.

  2. Electrical injury has to do with how big the voltage source is that caused injury. While this is partly true, another big consideration is the duration of the contact with the electrical source.

  3. When a person is electrocuted their injuries are limited to the path the current takes. While in theory this make sense research shows it’s just not true. Medical literature contains numerous examples of symptoms outside the current path in electrocution victims.

What is diffuse electrical injury?

Diffuse electrical injury or electric shock syndrome, is injury to the human body caused by electrocution that does not follow the ancient electrocution research. Diffuse electrical injury is well documented in the medical literature and causes similar symptoms to different people in a wide variety of settings. Because there are so many people who experience these symptoms it is impossible to write these complaints off as malingering, exaggeration or outright faking.

If you have suffered from electrocution injury you may have lifetime symptoms and disabilities. Don’t trust your future to just anyone. At Ray Hodge and Associates, we understand electrocution injuries. Call us today at 316-269-1414.

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