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Finding the right lawyer for your case is important, but there are certain questions you should ask before hiring any lawyer.

Finding the right lawyer for your case is important, but there are certain questions you should ask before hiring any lawyer.

1. How many years have you practiced law?

Although there is no “right number” of years, it’s important to know they are qualified to handle your case. An attorney who recently graduated from law school may not be able to handle a case involving complicated issues. However, an attorney with several years of experience handling similar cases will be able to navigate the waters with experience.

2. Will you actually take my case?

Many lawyers say they will handle your case, and then refer it to a different attorney. You are at liberty to know if your attorney intends to do this. If your lawyer does intend to refer it, ask about the attorney to whom it will be referred. This is your decision and you don’t have to agree to someone else handling your case. If your questions are not answered directly, it would be wise to take your case elsewhere.

3. Can I see your case results?

As with any other profession, your reputation says a lot. Clients are entitled to know how effective their potential attorney is. In scenarios where the attorney settled the case, ask what the case was about and how much it settled for. Some will be confidential, but many aren’t. Ask about the lawyer’s results going to trial. Knowing these this will ensure two things: 1) your attorney has taken cases to trial previously and 2) he or she has done a good job when they went to trial.

4. Have you taken other cases similar to mine?

An attorney will be more qualified to handle your case if he or she has handled a similar case in the past. It would be wise to ask about specific cases that are comparable to yours.

5. Do you offer professional liability insurance?

Sometimes lawyers do make mistakes. If this happens to you, you have an opportunity for a new legal claim, only it will be against your attorney. This insurance will apply if your attorney makes an error and you have a claim against him or her. Ask them to confirm that they have professional liability insurance.

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