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Don’t let hackers steal your confidential information

A few weeks ago, LinkedIn confirmed that as many as six million passwords of their customers had been leaked. Despite being protected by encryption, they were still accessed by hackers. Online dating site eHarmony also had 1.5 million passwords stolen. Both were stolen by a supposed singular hacker.

This recent story brings to light something that is all too often an issue with the Internet. It’s difficult to create and remember multiple strong passwords for all of your accounts online. Because of that reason, many people in Wichita use the same password for virtually all of their log-in information. However, this makes it easy for hackers to access not just one account, but many. You may not care if a hacker can access your Facebook or Twitter, but if you use the same password for your online banking or other accounts with confidential information, you could quickly lose vital information.

Here are five tips to protecting your password online:

1. Use multiple passwords

2. Create complex passwords – websites are available to generate intricate passwords for free

3. Have at least eight characters in your password

4. If storing passwords somewhere on your computer, use a password for that specific file

5. If using a “secret question,” don’t make the answer easy or obvious to maintain

For a password that’s difficult for hackers to steal, visit strongpasswordgenerator.com

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