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With ice and snow heading for Wichita, citizens should be preparing their vehicles for the winter weather

With cold gusts of winter wind blowing into Wichita, citizens of Derby, Andover, Goddard and Mulvane are reminded of the impending winter season. The highways of Kellogg and I-235 will soon be white with snow and the number of fender benders will increase on Rock Road and Webb. Although no one can control the ice and snow, Wichita residents can prepare their vehicles.

If you are a penny pincher, it’s important to remember that winter is not the time to skimp on your car maintenance. Small maintenance up keeps on your car not only keep you safe, but can save you money from car accidents.

Checklist for winter car maintenance:

  1. After changing your windshield wipers, check your windshield washer fluid. It might be a wise idea for you to use a washer fluid with an antifreeze solution.

  2. Changes in temperature will cause your tires to change in pressure, so check the air pressure regularly. You might also consider changing to snow tires, depending on your location.

  3. Some cars require different oil during the winter. Change your oil and ask the mechanic to read the manual and find out if your car requires different oil for the cold season.

  4. Top off your fluids.

  5. Test and service your battery.

  6. Check for breaks in the cables.

  7. Look for any loose connections in the terminals.

  8. Check ignition, brakes, wiring, hoses, fan belts, spark plugs, air, fuel and emission filters.

It is also a wise idea to prepare a winter emergency kit to leave in your vehicle in case of emergency. This could include:

  1. Tool kit

  2. First aid kit

  3. High energy foods

  4. Bottled water

  5. Jumper cables

  6. Salt or cat litter

  7. Tire chains

  8. Flashlight

  9. Blanket

  10. Ice scraper

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