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What does Kansas law say about my workplace injury if I don’t have insurance?

When you are injured on the job, you have the right to file for Workers Compensation. However, sometimes employees are hesitant to file a claim. This could be because they are scared of retaliation from their boss, or maybe it started as just a backache and they thought it would go away, but with time it turned into severe pain.

By not filing a Workers Compensation claim, injured workers can exhaust their funds on co-pays and medicine. Eventually, it may even lead to time off work and lost wages. To prevent this from happening, it’s vital you file for Workers Compensation immediately.

Worker’s compensation protects you from injury on the job irregardless of whether your employer’s negligence contributed to your injury or occupational disease. There are some limited exceptions to this so its important to talk to an attorney if you have an on the job injury. It is also important to note that not all employees have workers comp. Independent contractors, volunteers, and others are not covered. When a worker that isn’t covered by Workers Compensation is injured, they can file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent person or company. Kansas also has what is called a second injury fund that is administered by the State that can step in under some circumstances.

Your boss may tell you that your injury isn’t covered by workers comp, but always check with a lawyer!

If you have had a Kansas work place injury that was not your fault and need medical treatment, you need an experienced professional who can help you get back on the road to recovery. Call us today at 316-269-1414 or visit our contact page here. Our Kansas personal injury attorneys will provide you a free initial consultation and if we take your case you don’t pay a dime unless we recover money for you. Even then we only take a percentage of the total amount of your recovery.

If you have questions on what you should be looking for when you are making a decision to hire a Kansas personal injury lawyer, read our article located here.

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