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Wildfire prevention tips explained by lawyer Ryan Hodge

With the wildfires raging in New Mexico and Colorado, many are being evacuated out of their homes. The fires are treacherous and have devoured 14,000 acres thus far. Hot and windy conditions only make the matter worse.

With the high temperatures and gusty winds of Kansas summers, it’s important to prevent grass fires from happening. Although the fires in New Mexico and Colorado were ignited by lightning, many other wildfires occur because of someone’s negligence. Wildfires thrive in grassy, dry areas such as Kansas, so help prevent the threat to Kansas properties and even lives.

More than four out of every five forest fires are the result of a person’s negligence. Not properly extinguishing a campfire or smoking in a forested area is the cause of many fires.

Here’s how you can help:

  • Obey Kansas laws regarding campfires and open fires

  • Don’t put flammable objects near a fire

  • If you have an open fire, keep firefighting tools near by

  • Dispose of hot charcoal properly

  • Drown all fires

  • Any material that smokes should be extinguished

  • Clean up any flammable material or debris within 30 feet of your house

  • Remove limbs that hang over chimneys or the roof

  • Make sure your house is accessible to fire trucks by marking your house and road clearly, and by clearing away limbs and trees that could block the road

  • Stay with the fire until it is completely extinguished

  • Always know the escape plan and practice it with your family

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