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Learn How to Protect your Family from Burn Injuries with the Five Simple Tips

Burn injuries are often very severe and often fatal. For those that survive, the scars last a lifetime.

The leading cause of home fires and burn injuries is cooking equipment. Fire related deaths are often caused by smoking materials, such as cigarettes. Another common cause of burn injuries is children who are playing inappropriate household items without proper parental supervision. Curling irons, room heaters, ovens and ranges, irons, matches, gasoline and fireworks are all common causes for burn injuries for children under the age of 14.

Although the majority of homes in the United States have smoke detectors, only three-quarters of the homes smoke detectors actually work.

Since eight out of ten deaths by fire occur at home, it’s important to protect your family from burn injuries. Here are five quick tips to keep your family safe.

1. Don’t leave your cooking unattended. Losing track of something on the stove can quickly turn into a large fire. If you have to leave the room, turn off the burners.

2. Check your heating equipment every winter. Inspect and service your central heating equipment and chimney by professionals. Keep space heaters a safe distance from objects like sheets or curtains.

3. Don’t smoke indoors. Losing track of smoldering cigarettes can easily turn into a fire if it comes into contact with a flammable surface. Also, to make sure cigarettes are extinguished, douse with water before throwing them away.

4. Check your electrical cords around the house. Frayed or cracked cords can shoot sparks. Replace any worn out cords and make sure not to overload circuits.

5. Use caution when burning scented candles. Many candles, although safe, can sputter and spit when they are about empty. When a candle is about out of wax, it is best to throw it away and get a new one. Never use a candle unattended in the house if the open flame is not inside a glass holder of some kind.

Burn injuries can occur in many ways. Home fires can be the result of electrical shorts and improper wiring, or home appliances that were defectively made. At Ray Hodge and Associates, we have experience handling burn injuries. We are familiar with the Burn injury specialists in Kansas and know what plastic surgeons have experience in helping people with burn injury reconstruction. If you have suffered a burn injury give us a call. We may be able to help you rebuild your life from the devastation. If we do not recover for you there is no fee. Call today at 316-269-1414.

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