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Motorcycle safety tips

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness month and with the rate of motorcycle accidents rising, both motorists and motorcyclists should pay attention to these safety tips on the road.


  • Avoid riding in bad weather conditions when possible.

  • Be aware of motorist’s blind spots.

  • Always use turn signals when turning or changing lanes.

  • Don’t drive impaired.

  • Ride within your skill level.

  • Wear bright colored gear to be more visible to motorists.

  • Always wear protective gear, especially a helmet.

  • Consider using daytime running lights.


  • Keep a longer distance when following a motorcycle.

  • Pay extra attention at intersections.

  • Look in blind spots for motorcyclists.

  • Don’t assume that because a motorcycle’s turn signal is on that they’re going to turn. Riders often forget to turn off their signals.

  • Never tailgate a motorcycle; they can stop more quickly than cars.

Motorcyclists are 39 times more likely to die in a traffic accident and five percent of highway fatalities are motorcycle accidents. Please stay cautious and alert on the road to help prevent these increasing numbers.

If you are riding a motorcycle and have been injured by a driver that broke the rules of the road you need an attorney that understands motorcycle collisions and motorcycle injuries. The Law Firm of Ray Hodge and Associates, LLC has been helping motorcycle riders for over twenty years. Call today for a free consultation at 269-1414.

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