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Motorcycle safety with a Passenger

Carrying a passenger on your motorcycle

Having company with you on your motorcycle ride is always nice. Just make sure you know the ins and outs of handling your motorcycle before adding that extra weight to it which will affect how it handles. Remember that you have their life in your hands and they are trusting that you know what you are doing.

  • Refer to your owners manual to make sure your tire pressure and suspension are adjusted correctly for the weight you have carrying.

  • Passengers must be dressed properly for riding just like you and also need to wear a helmet. Make sure there is nothing that can get caught on the rear wheel or chain parts like shoe laces or loose pants.

  • When accelerating and braking passengers should be advised what they need to do. When accelerating, ask the passengers to lean forward a little bit. When braking the passengers should lean back a little bit so that their weight doesn’t shift forward.

  • Explain to passengers to lean just as you do so that it doesn’t affect your steering while going around corners.

  • Make sure to point out things like header pipes and mufflers so that your passenger doesn’t get injured when they are hot.

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