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Need more information on Andover, Goddard or Derby accident cases? Our law library has up-to-date articles on nursing home abuse, car wrecks, and personal injuries in Kansas.

How Do You Know if Someone is Drowning

With it being the season to hit the pool or spend the weekend at the lake, drowning occurrences are at their peak. There are many … Read More »

Category: Library, Safety Tips

Maximum Medical Improvement and What it Means

Many injuries that happen on the job will require rehabilitation. After several weeks or months of rehabilitation, your doctor may tell you that you’ve reached … Read More »

Category: I have been injured by a product, I was hurt on the job, I was in a car wreck, Library, Personal Injury General

Wichita Construction Workers at Risk for Life Changing Falls

A Kansas man was injured on the job after falling 20 feet and breaking his neck. The company he worked for, Ryan Roofing Inc. now … Read More »

Category: I was hurt on the job, Library

Online Quotes and Why it’s Not Accurate

The internet is a common place to start when looking for insurance. However, if you’re planning on getting an online quote, the numbers they’re giving … Read More »

Category: Library, Understanding Insurance

Myths about a Personal Injury Case in Kansas

If you’ve ever been in a Wichita auto accident before, it’s probably a scary time for you. Friends and family are all passing along words … Read More »

Category: I was hurt on the job, I was in a car wreck, Library, Personal Injury General

What Should I Look for When Hiring a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney?

After suffering a car wreck, whiplash, slip and fall or trucking injury, you or a loved one may suffer severe traumatic brain injuries. Although concussions … Read More »

Category: Library, Traumatic Brain Injury

Is a Group Disability Policy a Good Idea?

Its better to find out about your long term disability policies before you are on long term disability. As an employee, it’s likely that you … Read More »

Category: I was hurt on the job, Library, Understanding Insurance

Seven Tips for Appealing Long Term Disability Denial

It doesn’t take much for the insurance company to deny your claim for long term disability. In fact, insurance is notorious for denying your claim … Read More »

Category: Library, Understanding Insurance

If I am Approached by an Attorney After my Wreck, Should I Hire Him?

Some attorney’s use a “runner” to push their services. In other words, if they hear someone was in a car wreck, they might send this … Read More »

Category: I was in a car wreck, Library, Personal Injury General, Understanding the law

What to Look for in Financial Abuse in a Kansas Nursing Home

When living in a nursing home, families trust that their loved ones are receiving the best care possible. Although many Wichita, Andover and Goddard nursing … Read More »

Category: Library, Nursing Home Abuse

Drunken Pilots Alter Lives

It’s no secret that aviation is a huge industry for Wichita. Pilots from all over the world fly in to Mid-Continent airport, Jabara or Signature. … Read More »

Category: Library, Wrongful death

What is a Frivolous Lawsuit?


The law says a frivolous lawsuit is any lawsuit that cannot be brought or should not be brought. However, the phrase “frivolous lawsuit” … Read More »

Category: Blog, Frivolous Lawsuits, General, Library

Texas Explosion Leaves Numerous Workers Injured on the Job

Industrial jobs are known for accidents that leave workers with life-long injuries and even wrongful deaths. The latest accident has been played on every TV … Read More »

Category: Burn Injuries, I was hurt on the job, Library

Best Methods to Protect Your Home from Vandalism

It’s common in bigger cities like Wichita, Salina, Hutchinson and Topeka to hear about a burglary. A lot of people have the mindset of “it … Read More »

Category: Library, Safety Tips

Errors in Wichita Nursing Facilities

When it comes time to consider full-time care for a loved one, most family members will weigh their options carefully. Since skilled nursing facilities provide … Read More »

Category: Library, Nursing Home Abuse

Four Ways to Protect your Parents in a Nursing Home

It’s never an easy decision to put your mom or dad in a nursing home. But many times, elderly people get to the point that … Read More »

Category: Library, Nursing Home Abuse

How Kansans Can Prevent Burn Injuries While Using the Grill


With the increased use of grills during the Kansas summer, Wichita hospitals see an increased number of burn injuries. Not only do grills … Read More »

Category: Burn Injuries, Library, Safety Tips

How Do I Fire my Hutchinson, Kansas City or Dodge City Attorney?


A good and trusting attorney-client relationship is important. However, sometimes a client feels their case is not getting the attention it deserves. When … Read More »

Category: General, Library, Personal Injury General

How to Avoid Problems on the Highway from Heavy Storms


With all the severe storms Kansas is experiencing, people of Wichita, Derby, Andover and Goddard are sometimes forced to brave the heavy rain … Read More »

Category: I was in a car wreck, Library, Safety Tips

Staying Safe While Cooling Off: Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Pools around Wichita are either already open or will be soon. Whether it be a private family pool or the local pool at the YMCA … Read More »

Category: Library, Safety Tips

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