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Tips to prevent pool accidents in your family

A highlight of the hot Kansas summer is taking a dip in the pool. Whether that is a public pool or a pool in your backyard, it’s a quick relief from the blistering heat. Although swimming is fun, it can also be dangerous. There are obvious risks, such as drowning, but there are many other factors to consider before sending your children off the deep end.

Hundreds of people are injured or killed each year due to swimming pool accidents. Most of the dangers associated with swimming, you can easily eliminate. Here are the most common threats that come with swimming pools and how you can prevent them.


  • Set up safety fences to limit access and make sure they have a locking mechanism.

  • Be sure of everyone’s ability to swim before letting them into your pool.

  • Make sure children are always supervised while they are swimming.

  • Tell the swimmers about the depth of the pool and enforce ‘no diving’ zones.

  • Have lifesaving equipment in the vicinity of the pool.


  • Use correct chemicals and keep water filtered.

  • Don’t use the pool with open wounds.

  • Avoid letting pets swim in the pool.

  • Always shower or rinse off after getting in the water.

  • Do not swim in water that does not appear to be clean.


  • Test chemical levels on a regular basis.

  • Always follow the instructions for chemicals.

  • Keep chemicals out of reach of children.

Electrical Shock:

  • Keep stereos, grills, lawn equipment, etc, away from the pool.

  • Do not swim while there is lightning.

  • When using an outlet in the pool area, only use ground circuit fault interrupter.

Food and Alcohol:

  • Don’t drink excessive alcohol because it worsens your judgment and coordination.

  • Do not eat food while in the pool.

Safety Around the Pool

  • Enforce no running rules. Wet surfaces can result in bad slip and fall injuries.

  • Use caution with a diving board. While doing flips and other diving stunts is fun, they can result in serious injury if you hit your head on the board. Never practice diving stunts alone.

Children can drown or be seriously hurt around a pool if they are not properly supervised. If you or a loved one has been injured in a pool due to someone else’s negligence, we can help. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. Call Ray Hodge & Associates, LLC today at 316-269-1414.

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