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Riding Motorcycles in a Group to Avoid Injury on Interstate 35 in Wichita Kansas

Riding Motorcycles as a Group

Chances are that when you go out for a motorcycle ride that you wont be alone. Whether it be a friend or a group of friends it is always a good idea to have some ground rules when riding together.

  • When riding in a group it can be dangerous or confusing not only for yourself but for other cars and/or motorcycles on the road with you. If there is a group of 5 or more it is wise break it into a couple smaller groups.

  • Establishing a few hand signals between the groups can help with communication for things like “lets take a break or I need some fuel.”

  • While traveling down the road it is a good rule of thumb to keep at least two-seconds back from the motorcycle in front of you.

  • When stopped at a light or stop sign you should pull up next to each other in pairs.

  • When passing other vehicles on the road you should pass individually and not as a whole group.

  • Whether in a group or alone, always remember that the Car is bigger than you and cannot see you as easily as other vehicles.

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