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Walking Safely with Children Around Wichita Kansas

Walking to school or parks can have its hazards for children even though our neighborhoods should be a safe place to walk. Everyone needs to do their part as a driver, parent or kid to keep the streets a safe place to walk.

As a driver make sure to pay attention to marked school zones and residential areas where kids are more likely to be walking. As the weather warms up more children will be out walking or riding bikes to school.

Parents should ensure that their child knows where the safest place to walk is and practice with them. Make sure the child knows to always use the sidewalk if there is one. If there isn’t a sidewalk where the child will be walking make sure to show them the safest area to walk until they get to the nearest sidewalk. If at all possible it’s always a good idea to have a walking buddy or a group to walk with.

The basic rules to explain to children are:

  • Make sure to look both ways before crossing the street

  • If there isn’t a sidewalk available walk on the left side of the street.

  • Always use the crosswalks if available

  • If there is a route to school that has cross guards use it.

  • Stay away from unfamiliar dogs or animals.

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