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Expected Property Losses When Filing for Kansas Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

The dollar amounts and the specific items that are exempt vary from state to state. However, the following are some typical examples of property and amounts that you can keep when filing Chapter 7. If you are married and both spouses are filing together, the dollar amounts given below are doubled.

  • A car, up to $20,000.00

  • Clothes and personal effects

  • Household goods, furnishings and appliances at your principal residence

  • Your principal home (Your are entitles to keep 160 aces of farming land or one acre within the limits of a town or city or a manufactured home or mobile home)

  • Jewelry, up to $1,000.00

  • Professional tools, up to $7,500.00

  • Income from social security, disability, pension funds, life insurance, alimony or veteran’s benefits

  • Unpaid but earned wages

  • Pensions and other retirement accounts, with some exceptions

  • Miscellaneous property, such as life insurance money from a relative’s death, etc.

  • Public benefits, including public assitance, worker’s compensation and unemployment benefits.

What you can lose also keep depends on your state’s law. However, the list below illustrates typical items that you might expect to lose when filing Chapter 7.

  • A second residence

  • Recreational vehicles

  • A second car

  • Stamp, coin and other collections and heirlooms

  • Stocks and bond certificates

  • Cash on hand (unless it comes from unemployment insurance)

  • Deposits of money (e.g., bank accounts, CDs, escrow accounts, money market accounts)

  • Property that you own but not have any physical possession (i.e., security deposits)

  • Property that you sold a year before filing

  • Property you are entitled to receive at some future date (e.g., tax refunds, vacation pay, wages)

  • Your part of marital estate.

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