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Dad saves daughter from attempted kidnapping

Posted on August 31st, 2012

A family sightseeing trip to Chicago turned sour for Kelly Davis after he had to foil the attempted kidnapping of his two-year-old daughter.

While visiting the Picasso statue, Davis’s daughters were playing on a slide at the base of the statue. It was there that a man, later identified as James Gates, attempted to take Davis’s youngest daughter, Myla.

Davis said he noticed a man headed directly towards them. He noted the man as suspicious, but wasn’t too alarmed because people will often come up and ask for a cigarette or spare change. However, he quickly became more alert when he realized the man wouldn’t make eye contact with him and seemed to be fixed on his daughters.

Davis quickly placed himself between the stranger and his daughters. Then, Gates actually tried to reach around Davis and grab Myla. Davis’s fiancée, Amanda Green, ushered the children away as Gates tried to attack Davis.

“This guy was in my face telling me that’s his daughter and her nickname is Goldilocks,” Davis stated. “And I’m telling him to get the (expletive) away from my family, away from my daughter. And he’s being so persistent that it’s his daughter and trying to get through me to get to her.”

While a bystander called the police, Gates then tried to walk away. Davis followed him for about 25 minutes until police got there and arrested Gates. According to the Chicago Police Department, Gates faces charges of felony charge of kidnapping with the threat of force and a misdemeanor battery charge.

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