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This Normal Brain Function Contributes to More Than Half of Distracted Driving Accidents

Distracted driving, drowsy driving and drunk driving are all bad driving behavior that we know to be dangerous. Resulting in thousands of accidents and fatalities, … Read More »

Five Facts About Rear-End Collisions in Wichita

Whether the collision is low-velocity or high impact, rear-end collisions are common. Even rear-end collisions at low speeds can cause injuries such as whiplash. If … Read More »

This Common Household Item Injures a Child Every 30 Minutes

The journal Pediatrics has produced a new study that shows a child is injured by a TV every 30 minutes. With some cases resulting in … Read More »

Swimming Pool Electrocution More Common than Most Think

When 11-year-old Lauren Cecil’s parents dropped her off for swim practice, it seemed like another day. However, this seemingly normal day took a drastic turn … Read More »

Online Legal Advice and How it Can Hurt You

When a question arises, most people go the same place to find an answer: the internet. A few clicks on your computer or pushing a … Read More »

Which 10 Things Should Be in Every Wichita Car

It doesn’t matter if you’re going on a road trip across the country or driving to Grandma’s house for the weekend, you should always prepare … Read More »

Leading Cause of Injury to Children Completely Preventable

With choking being the leading cause of injury to children and also a leading cause of death in children under four, some may think an … Read More »

How Do You Know if Someone is Drowning

With it being the season to hit the pool or spend the weekend at the lake, drowning occurrences are at their peak. There are many … Read More »

Best Methods to Protect Your Home from Vandalism

It’s common in bigger cities like Wichita, Salina, Hutchinson and Topeka to hear about a burglary. A lot of people have the mindset of “it … Read More »

Staying Safe While Cooling Off: Swimming Pool Safety Tips

Pools around Wichita are either already open or will be soon. Whether it be a private family pool or the local pool at the YMCA … Read More »

Keeping Up with Summer Safety

Summertime means several months of camping, boating, family vacations, grilling out and other recreation. Opportunities to spend time with friends and family can quickly turn … Read More »

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