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Butt Injections End Fatal with Possibility for Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Butt injections are a new trend that many women are indulging in. However, the procedure can be risky. So risky in fact, a Mississippi man … Read More »

Birthing Injuries

New parents expect their lives to be dramatically changed with the birth of their new baby. However, they don’t expect it to be dramatically changed … Read More »

Bicyclist Found Guilty of Vehicular Manslaughter

It’s not uncommon to hear about a conviction for vehicular manslaughter, which occurs when a vehicle is a tool in a person’s death. It includes … Read More »

Was Six Flags at Fault for the Wrongful Death of Roller Coaster Victim?

What started as a fun day at Six Flags quickly turned to tragedy when a Dallas woman plummeted from a roller coaster and was killed.

Read More »

When a Car Accident Can Put You Behind Bars

Car accidents happen in Wichita, Derby and Goddard every day. In 2010, over five million accidents were reported across the United States. If the injury, … Read More »

When Can Sending a Text Land You in Court

Distracted driving laws are taking even greater measures to keep highways safe. Some states don’t even require you to be in the vehicle to face … Read More »

First Death in Tough Mudder Race Raises Safety Questions

Tough Mudder is an endurance race that has swept the nation. However, a participant’s recent death during the race is raising a question: is Tough … Read More »

Failure to Warn of Asbestos Leads to $35 Million Wrongful Death Suit

Asbestosis is a serious condition that workers in construction, shipyards and other occupations are at risk for if they are exposed to Asbestos. A form … Read More »

Statute of Limitations Let This Man Walk Away Free

The 1968 hit-and-run that killed four-year-old Carolee Sadie Ashby has remained a mystery for 45 years. Now, with the help of Facebook, authorities now know … Read More »

Moore Tornado Survivor Killed in Dog Attack

A five-year-old survivor of the horrific tornado that ripped through Moore, Okla., had only begun to rebuild his life when it was ended by a … Read More »

Will Hands-Free Texting Solve Distracted Driving Problems?


In hopes of decreasing distracted driving, California made the decision to allow hands-free texting in 2012. However, a study by the American Automobile … Read More »

Wrongful Death Suit Settled in Wichita Girl’s Death

The wrongful death lawsuit over a 12-year-old’s death has been settled in Court. Parents of Suhani Bhakta will receive $300,000 in damages from the city … Read More »

Bus Accident that Killed Kansas Woman Operated Illegally

A night that started with fun ended with tragedy when a Kansas woman was killed while on a party bus that was operating illegally. Jamie … Read More »

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