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Wondering if you can Sue for Medical Malpractice? Read about Examples of Wichita Medical Malpractice

When seeking damages in a Wichita, Salina or Hutchinson medical malpractice suit, it is critical to prove negligence. This is shown in three different ways: 1) significant injury happened to the patient, 2) the medical professional completed care that is not up the standards expected from a medical professional, and 3) a mistake in treatment or lack of proper care caused injury to the patient.

These mistakes can happen in many different areas of medical treatment. Scenarios where you may be entitled to damages from a medical malpractice suit include any of the following.

Anesthetic Errors

Anesthesia is used for a majority of surgeries. However, sometimes having certain treatments prior to the surgery can pose an increased risk. As a result, using the anesthetic may cause damage to the body that the patient cannot recover from and may end in fatality. In a case such as this, the three elements of injury, medical negligence and cause are all present and create a strong foundation for a lawsuit.

Mistakes during Childbirth

Sadly, a common form of medical malpractice involves childbirth. During a delivery, doctors are responsible for deciding if a c-section is necessary. Waiting too long to begin a c-section or making the decision to deliver naturally can result in death or serious injury. In a case where the baby died or suffered brain damage, the doctor can be held responsible for not acting in a timely manner.

A Condition going Undiagnosed

Failing to diagnose a condition will often lead to a medical malpractice suit. For example, a patient comes in with chest pain, the result of coronary artery disease, but the doctor fails to diagnose the condition. Instead, the doctor sends the patient home, where he/she suffers a heart attack and dies.

In this case, the patient wasn’t diagnosed properly. If the patient had gone to a second doctor for another diagnoses and been treated correctly, the first doctor would still be negligent, but there would be no grounds for a lawsuit since there was no injury from the first doctors negligence.

Handling a medical malpractice lawsuit is typically very complex. Discussing your case with a Wichita personal injury lawyer is the best way to find out what medical malpractice damages you are entitled to.

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If you have questions on what you should be looking for when you are making a decision to hire a Kansas personal injury lawyer, read our article located here.

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