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Why Hire Ray Hodge & Associates, LLC?

You or a loved one has been injured. You have questions. You need answers. There are lots of lawyers that claim to be able to help you. How do you decide who to choose?

Here are a few pointers.

  • Run from television advertisers. In order to support their advertising budget, TV lawyers have to earn over $800 per hour to cover their overhead. For a lawyer that gets paid a percentage of the recovery that means that to earn this much per hour they have to spend as little time as possible working on your case. Preparing a case is a lot like writing a book. Sure you can sell a cheap paperback that you hammer out in an afternoon but a best seller requires time.

    TV lawyers settle great cases for 60 cents on the dollar. Our firm took a case involving the loss of an eye. Another firm told our client the case was worth about $50,000 which was the defendant’s policy limits. By properly working up the case and searching for other coverage we obtained a verdict of almost $500,000. While not every case is like this, you cannot afford to risk your future if you have a serious injury on a TV lawyer.

  • Look for a lawyer that understands your claim and understands your injuries. If your lawyer cannot explain your injury to you better than your doctor did, how can the lawyer possible explain the injury to an insurance adjustor or a jury. Has your lawyer completed the American Medical Association courses on disability? Has your lawyer completed accident reconstruction training? Is your lawyer recognized in the community as someone who takes on difficult cases and wins?
  • Look for a lawyer who will settle for a fair amount but plans to take your case to trial. Most people do not want to go to trial. But to get the maximum value your case deserves you need a lawyer that prepares your case for trial. A lawyer that is unprepared for trial cannot command good value for your case.
  • Look for a lawyer that is recognized by other lawyers as someone who provides excellent legal representation. Beware that many of the endorsements that lawyers have are nothing but a company that gives and endorsement to anyone that pays them money and the endorsements say nothing about the lawyer’s talents. To know if a lawyer is respected by peers look to see if the lawyer is or was an officer in the Local or state bar association or the state Trial lawyer association such as the Kansas Association for Justice.

So why hire our firm? We don’t spend thousands of dollars on advertising. We take the time to develop cases. In fact we only take a select number of cases every year so we can devote our time to the cases that we believe are worthy of our attention. We have taken the time to understand the injuries and treatment that our client’s have needed in the past by talking to treating doctors and attending courses such as the American Medical Association guidelines to disability.

We have completed courses in accident reconstruction and worked closely with engineers to understand the science behind car wreck injuries. We routinely get cases referred to us from other lawyers who recognize our firm as being an outstanding source of high value representation for people with serious injuries. Our firm has been very involved in furthering justice for Kansans through state wide organizations. Ryan Hodge has even served as president and held numerous officer positions with the Kansas Association for Justice. This organization is committed to protecting Kansas from big corporations and preserving our Court system of justice.

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